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Last updated: October 28th 2016
There is a fresh new Celeste Star video update for you and we are super glad to share it, cause it’s pretty impressive. Trust me, there are three smoking hot babes, Celeste and other two sluts, who are going to eat each other’s pussy, finger fuck their stretched muffins and do whatever they want and need, just to please that eagerness they feel into their cunts. Just take your favorite seat, where you feel comfortable and actually perfect and watch this amazing video, to see how these two sluts are going to finger bang Celeste, until she will end up having an astounding orgasm.

At first, that gorgeous blonde will get to shove a couple of fingers into Celeste’s moist pussy and she will start to pump those fingers inside with a lot of eagerness, eating that erect clit every once in a while, just to make sure that she will produce the most intense pleasure ever! You have to see how these three don’t let down until every single one of them is feeling pleased entirely. You will be absolutely mesmerized, trust me, about these three smoking hot babes and their unique way of getting to an awesome orgasm. If you liked this video click here and watch other slutty lesbians fucking!

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Celeste Star – Patio Party video from Reality Kings

Yay! Brand new Celeste Star videos are back in town! And not just some regular movies, trust me. For our today’s fresh new update, we have an impressive threesome made of three smoking hot babes, a nasty blonde who is looking just like hot Christine Young, a gorgeous brunette and a slutty redhead, all three planning to make it big. And they will make it big, or the biggest, cause the three of them were so damn horny that they didn’t had anything else in mind for today but how should they please their eager pussies faster, and for good. Just take a look at Celeste, how she has her holes deeply stuffed by her horny friend and how she has her clit eaten and taken care off.

It’s amazing, trust me, you will get to be so damn horny and hard than you won’t be able to do anything else for the day until you will get to finish the business down there. It’s not all of it, of course, the sluts will take turns in finger fucking their famished pussies or their tight ass holes, but I’ll let you see it and discover things on your own cause it’s more exciting that way! Have a great time!

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Celeste in So Fine scene from Reality Lings

The most recent Celeste Star videos update is going to bring you some slutty babes, one more gorgeous than the other one, all three very eager to please their eager pussies, right in front of you, just because they know what they are capable off and they know that you are going to be really fired up. Just take a look at them, not that they are only horny but they are so smoking hot that you could cum only by looking at them. They will start to make out, oiling their bodies just to be more slippery and to get to slide their fingers more easy into their wet pussies. At first, Celeste and one of her friends were taken care of the third one, stuffing her tight pussy with their fingers and going with their tongues over her erect clit.

celeste star oil massage

celeste licking a hot pussy

Of course that the poor babe was so damn horny that she was moaning of so much pleasure. It’s like she could climb the walls, just because she was treated with so much professionalism and passion by these two horny sluts. You got to see the rest of it, to see how these three babes will stuff their pussies, one after the other and how they are going to make this sexual session into the most erotic scene ever! You got to see how these three are going to have fun with each other’s smoking hot bodies! Have a great time with the most sexy babes ever! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, enter Ashlyn Rae‘s blog and see another slutty babe getting fucked hardcore!

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Celeste Star – Milk Bath Beauties

Babes just wanna have fun, trust me! Specially these three, that will be exposed in this remarkable Celeste Star pics gallery! These happy babes with a lot of appetite wanted to have fun staying in the entire weekend. Don’t worry, they will have a blast, a nonstop party and a total orgy, cause they are interested in having a lot of fun! You have to see how they will start this amazing party, by having an amazing bath, and by that I mean that they will fuck just like they are at the first fucking session of their lives.

You have to see how Celeste’s holes will get completely stuffed and pumped by the other two babe’s fingers, that were going up and down into those wet holes. She adores having her pussy eaten and her erect clit sucked and munched, it’s driving her insane! Trust me, you won’t see something as amazing as this, there superb sluts who are bitching around with each other, and the most important thing, that they are all willing to let you take a look at them while they stuff their pussies, just like the girls from bobbieden.org website. You will love them all, you won’t be able to decide which one is better or hotter, but you will adore them all!



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Celeste at the Patio Party

The more, the merrier, at least that applies for Celeste Star pics gallery. Celeste really wanted to have a good time, so when her girlfriends wanted to come over, she told them to come, but they really should enjoy this beautiful day outside, cause it was nice and warm. As these sexy sluts went outside in the backyard, they started to make out right there, cause they were all horny and they knew that it’s the perfect time for them to please their trembling pussies. Celeste wanted to be the first one taken care of, cause probably she was the most horny one!

Have a great time following this video, to see how she is going to have her ass stuffed by one of her friend’s finger, while the other babe is finger fucking her pussy and she is squeezing her boobies and her erect nipples as well. Have a good time enjoying this special edition of Celeste’s posts, to see how these three smoking hot babes who are looking just like sexy Savannah Gold will manage to get to the orgasm in just a few minutes, cause the truth is that they were pretty horny so they didn’t need a lot of action to get to cum.celeste-getting-her-ass-fingered

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Celeste Star hardcore Pole tricks scene

The following Celeste Star hardcore scene will expose an interesting experience, with four superb babes that are naughty all the time, wanting to have fun as much as possible. They are all having a Pole dancing class and they really want to learn how to dance and have a great time, and also to impress their fans and followers, not that with their awesome bodies wouldn’t impress them, but they wanted to be even more hot than before and to be even more adored than they were in the right place. First of all, they took this Pole class, but they felt like they should do something more than that, like to have their own kind of fun, into that class.

These four naughty babes were waiting for the other ones to leave the place, just to have the entire room for them and they started to make out right there, on the floor, removing their clothes and touching each other with a lot of desire. Their firm tits were waiting for their palms to take care of them, their trembling pussies were dying to be finger fucked deeply and for good, cause they were so moist and needy that they couldn’t wait any longer. You have to see the whole video, from the very beginning till the end, cause there is no way around, if you have to see something incredible, you are not allowed to miss a thing. Have a great time, and don’t forget that you can find similar scenes inside http://rachelreveals.org/ website, so check it out and have a great time inside!celeste-in-pole-tricks-scene

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Sweet Sensations with Celeste

For this time, we have not only a one, or two, maybe three…we have four!! Yes, four smoking hot babes, only for you, in the most recent Celeste Star porn update. I don’t even know which one is hotter than the other one or which one is more naughty. And the truth is that it’s not even important, they are all super sizzling hot, so that’s not the point. They were so eager to get undressed that all their clothes were jumping all around! It seems like this is going to be a long time, cause they are too burning hot for this kind of play.

Just take a look at Celeste, how her pussy is being fingered by one of the babes, while some other one is licking her tight asshole and the third one is stuffing her tongue into her mouth. Trust me, this video is spectacular, it has it all! Finger fucking sessions, licks and rubbed clit and so much more naughty things, all performed by four gorgeous babes that are craving to get some real action. Have an outstanding time and see what happens next with them! If you liked this scene check out kendraexposed.org website and find similar content! See you soon, friends!


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Celeste Star pornstar performing in Night Cap

OMFG, that’s insane! The most recent Celeste Star pornstar update is going to totally fuck you up, trust me! There’s no way in hell you won’t get fired up by watching these three sluts banging right there in the pool. These three smoking hot babes were at a party but in fact they weren’t interested in some other people, the only thing they wanted was to go some place quiet and have their own kind of fun. Anyway, they were all super horny and needy so they found the pool empty and quiet so they started to make out right there.

In fact, they didn’t even care that somebody could come and see them, as long as they have fun and feel good about it! You got to see how these three sluts will eat their pussies and their firm naughty boobies, all together with their erect nipples! In fact, you will see a lot more but I just wanna keep the pressure on you, since I know you are dying to see how they will fuck big time, fingering their wet muffins, shoving their fingers all the way through those holes. if you wanna see other sexy lesbian teens making out, check out the www.innocenthigh.us site! Have fun, friends!sexy-celeste-having-sex-in-the-pool

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Magically Delicious scene from Reality Kings

Blondes or brunettes? Now, that is the question after watching the latest Celeste Star videos update. You will have them all, trust me, they are all here to please you, but in the first place, to please themselves! They will do anything just to get to the orgasm cause anyway this week they were all needy and horny but they didn’t had any spare time for this. At first, when they met at one of them place, they started to talk and small talk as well, but they figured that it’s a waste of time, anyway, to talk about bullshit instead of doing some real action, just like they wanted since they woke up this morning and they started to plan for this meeting.



You have to see the entire scene, just to catch all the details, cause there are lots of interesting scenes where these three are going to be very explicit and very exposed, if you know what I mean. You will see how they take turns in eating each other’s trembling pussies, how to like to stuff their fingers into their warm holes or their tongues into their stretched muffins, just they way you like it. They will go with their tongues all the way through their erect clit, and the most important thing is they are willing to let you watch them exactly when they are sucking and pulling that clit! Oh, no words for that, trust me! Have a blast watching them cause I know I will, for sure! Also you can enter the sapphicerotica.org site and have a great time watching other lesbian beauties licking each other’s pussy!

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Celeste Star – Pretty pussies

What should you do if it’s very hot outside? Hmm, tough question. You either have fun with the latest Celeste Star videos update or you should do the same! Just have a look at these three best friends, how cute they are and how amazing way to spend a weekend sunny day. Near the pool, having fun, enjoying their sweet juicy pussies. They are all thrilled to have fun with themselves, cause they know that it’s always fun, it’s always such a blast when they meet! They all know what to do exactly and what to press and what should they touch, just to get the maximum pleasure, just like the chicks from teenpinkvideos .

Have a great time watching these three how they are eating each other’s pussies, right there outside, on the terrace, near the pool. They are so eager to get their turn there, to be finger fucked by the other too babes that they are almost fighting about it, you’ll see. But anyway, while they are waiting in line, they really do something, like fingering the other one’s holes or herself, why not? There are going to be tongues and fingers involved, or licks and kisses. Have an unbelievable time with these three! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the nude in public site and see other beauties getting wild!celste-in-pretty-pussies

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